Commercial Refrigerated Cabinets

The team at Fricool has accumulated vast experience in the supermarket and food display industry, and we thus design and manufacture a wide range of supermarket cabinets that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether they are at room temperature, refrigerated or heated, our supermarket cabinets are renowned for their functionality and high quality.

Supermarket cabinets have many uses, and must be durable, cost-effective and made of only the best material possible. At Fricool, we have successfully achieved the balance between these three factors and offer you a product range that is sure to answer to your particular needs and requirements.

The innovative and elegant designs of our supermarket cabinets make for excellent product upright ability and create unmatched ease of use for customers when shopping.

Supermarket Cabinets Product Range
- Serve Over / Self ServiceCabinets
- Island Freezers
- Multi-deck Cabinets
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Serve Over / Self Service Cabinets
Island Freezers
Mult-deck Cabinets
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