Freshness is a vital attribute of food products, and using good refrigerating equipment makes all the difference. Fricool offers a wide range of refrigerating solutions that preserve freshness and ensure the safety of food, all within elegant and versatile designs.

Fricool commercial freezers are designed in accordance to the highest international technical standards and are a sure way to preserve the quality of our customers’ food inventories.Moreover, Fricool provides environmentally friendly hydrocarbon freezers that are not only non-toxic and eco-friendly, but also preserve energy.

Our commercial freezers product range includes lift up solid freezers, lift up glass freezers and sliding curved freezers, all within a variety of sizes that suit any space and use. These varieties are also available in all our hydrocarbon commercial freezers, which use non-ozone depleting gases and comply with global environmental requirements.

Fricool provides commercial refrigeration solutions that answer diverse types of commercial needs, including stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets and even smaller convenience stores. All our commercial freezers are made of only the best and most durable components, guaranteeing longevity and optimum functionality. Fricool commercial freezers are available in a wide variety of styles, all guaranteeing quality, optimum performance and energy efficiency.

Commercial Freezers Product Range
- Lift-Up Solid(LUS)
- Lift-Up Glass (LUG)
- Sliding Curved (SC)
- Portable Freezers
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Lift Up Solid (LUS)
Lift Up Glass (LUG)
Sliding Curved (SC)
Portable Freezers
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