Fricool provides professional design, engineering and manufacturing services of industrial refrigeration systems for hypermarkets, supermarkets, large-scale warehouses, cold rooms and freezing rooms. Our experienced teams have the know how needed to provide optimum solutions for all temperature-sensitive environments, including factories, warehouses, supermarkets, hypermarkets and restaurants, to name a few.Our equipment, systems andservices are dedicated to helping businesses operate efficiently and equip their facilities with the refrigerating systems they need to thrive.

At Fricool, we understand the critical elements and attributes needed to complement large-scale, high quality refrigeration systems. By comprehensively understanding the requirements of our clients, we design, construct and install the industrial refrigeration solutions that answer to their needs and that are simultaneously cost-effective and efficient.All Fricool industrial refrigeration solutions are made of only the best and most durable components, guaranteeing longevity and optimum functionality.

Our commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions also include the best environmentally friendly and energy saving options, all built in accordance with the highest international standards. These solutions are available with diverse features and operational specifications, including air cooling systems, water cooling systems, electronically controlled systems and monitored cabinets and systems.

Commercial andIndustrial RefrigerationProduct Range
- Large-scale Warehouses
- Cold and Freezing Rooms
- Hypermarkets andSupermarkets
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Large-scale Warehouses
Cold and Freezing Rooms
Hypermarkets and Supermarkets
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